Financing small and medium enterprises

  1. Documents required for financing:
  2. Fill out the financing application form signed by the authorized person.
  3. A copy of the identity card of the owner / owners of the facility in addition to a copy of the identity of the delegate with the authorization, if any.
  4. A finance request letter addressed to Al-Jassiriya company stating the financing amount certified by the Chamber of Commerce or sealed and signed by the owner or the authorized person.
  5. A copy of the valid commercial register (at least 3 months).
  6. A copy of a valid membership certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  7. A list of workers who are under the sponsorship of the company or institution from the Labor and Social Security Office, with a new date (one month as a maximum).
  8. A valid license to practice the activity.
  9. A Zakat and Income Authority declaration, a VAT registration certificate, and a list of the taxpayer's branches.
  10. Print the national address registration details.
  11. Sketch of the facility site clearly printed from (Google).
  12. List the financial statements for the last two years in a list system (for companies only).
  13. A copy of the company incorporation contract (for companies only).
  14. A sealed bank statement for a year (only), to the date of submitting the application
  15. Fill out the “Know Your Customer” form.
To apply for financing

For complaints and suggestions

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